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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to my (our) Blog

This is just what the internet needs, another blog about horses and their owners.  A bit about myself and my family.  I am a city boy.  Born and raised in the Denver metro area.  Graduated high school in 1980, married in 1982, divorced in 1984, remarried in 1987 and still married, earned BS in electrical engineering in 1991, had first daughter in 1996, had second daughter in 1999, earned MS in electrical engineering in 2004. 

In 2001 my bride was diagnosed with breast cancer.  That began a three year journey that included a bilateral mastectomy two rounds of chemo, two sets of breast implants and some lingering health issues that continue to make life interesting.  She has been cancer free now for about 5 years and the prognoses is good.

We still live in Colorado area and we love our seasons.  If we couldn’t live on a beach (preferably in Tahiti!) we wanted to stay near the mountains (love to ski).  We enjoy the blessings each season brings; the blossoms of spring, the lazy summer afternoons, the crisp fall air and apples and the snows of winter.

Let’s see, my oldest daughter has just started her first year of high school and my youngest daughter is finishing her last year in grade school.  I am so NOT ready for that.  As long as one kid is in grade school I am still young.  Once she starts middle school I will have to face the fact that I am no longer 20.  (Given that I was 37 when she was born I should have realized that I am not 20 quite some time ago!)

My lovely bride is a pharmacist.  I normally like to say she deals drugs on the corner but I get smacked when I say that.   She enjoys making beaded jewelry in her spare time and who knows, she may grace these pages from time to time.

The idea for this blog actually came from my ex-boss.  As I would relate to him with latest exploits of horse ownership, he would simply laugh.  At one point he suggested that I should write a book.  As I am sure anybody who owns horses knows, horse ownership is a story that takes the lifetime of a horse to write.  As we have only had horses for a little over two years, we are nowhere near the end (I hope) of the story.  So how to tell a story that is still unfolding?  Why a blog of course!!

Comments are always welcome.  All I ask is that you keep the language clean.  My daughters are my editors so I would like to keep this a family friendly blog.  If you feel the burning desire to flame me please, be creative!  Really creative.  Here is a great site for generating insults: Shakespearean Insults   Rude and offensive comments will be deleted.

Know that you know a small bit about us, it it’s time to talk about the events that led to this blog.

I was not raised with horses.  They were fine for the occasional trail ride but beyond that, horses were nothing more than large animals one sometimes saw while driving from point A to point B.  But then we had children and children often change the plans we make, usually rather drastically and never in a direction that we would normally choose to go.  And that was where things started.  The obvious first question is how did a city boy end up with horses.  Simple.  I said,

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