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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tira Toes says Hi!

Hi, I am the youngest two legged member of this horse loving family and getting horses was as much a surprise to me as it was my dad. I knew that my sister loved horses. If you walk in her room there are horse posters and about four shelves of horse figurines. When she first filled those shelves I knew that she was going to get a horse. No doubt. She soon started to look around until she settled on a 12 year old Polish Arabian named Beamer. Before I knew it there were daily trips to the ranch where Beamer was being boarded. Not too soon after, it was coming to the end of my fourth grade year and there was talk of us moving away to a house where the horses could be just in the back yard. Summer before fifth grade came and I was busily shoving things in to cardboard boxes. I was still in shock that the only home that I had ever known was slipping through my fingers like quick sand. We moved to a house just five minuets away from the old ranch. It was about a month or so after moving before we settled in to our new house. In between houses a series of events happened. The most drastic was being robbed. We also lived with my dad’s parents, I went off to summer camp, and my sister visited her best friend in Kentucky. Soon, we were settled in and life was going back to normal. So here I am now. I’m now eleven and am anticipating going in to middle school and declaring my parents officially OLD. Life is going great with the horses. Oh, I almost forgot about daddy’s little girl. Mariah. She is the newest four legged member to our family. Mariah is about eight years old and is a Morgan. She is the laziest horse I’ve ever seen. She is so soft and has a will to go, but we all love her anyway.

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