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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Promise takes its First Pound of Flesh


How not to but a trailer. Go to Graig's List. Search for Horse trailer. Get dad to dome along (he has a hitch, I don't) and look at trailer briefly. Hand over cash. Hook up trailer and drive away. But that is how I bought my first trailer. It needed new tires and the paint was shot but the rest of the trailer was in reasonably good shape. Besides, we needed to get the horse home and then we needed to get it down to Westernaires so we needed the trailer. It was subsequently named "The Rolling Turd" but that is a tale for another day. The name came from the fact that the trailer was (<- note strategic use of the past tense form of the verb) brown with a white top. I was built in 1972 and it is short with a fairly low roof (which also plays into the trailer saga in the not to distant future). My daughter horse, which we will meet in the next post, is only 14.2 hands high and an Arabian so the small trailer fit him fine.

We hooked up the trailer and headed of to pick up the horse. He loaded right in for the owner and we brought him back to the ranch. He had his own stall and settled in fairly nicely. We were feeling pretty good.

But now I have a trailer and now way to pull it. So off to the hitch store with our little Toyota V6 4x4 pick-up. New receiver hitch installed, a little wiring (no trailer breaks) and I am good to go!

So here is how things stand at this point:

Daughter: $900.00 for horse

Dad: $100 dollars for horse
$950 for trailer
$550 for receiver and hitch.
$300 first months boarding

And we just got the horse to our barn. So what's next? Well, now that the horse is home, she needs to be able to ride the horse. And to ride a horse, you need

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