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Sunday, September 15, 2013


CAUTION!  This post contains dirty pictures.

Last Christmas I got a weather station from my daughters.  Its been fun to see the wind speeds and temperatures through out the year.  Monday morning, September 9th, the total moisture that we have had since December was 6.41".  Friday night, September 13th, the rain gauge said 12.53".  We doubled our entire rainfall in 5 days.  The change in barometer made Beamer colic on Saturday night about 10pm.  As I sit here Sunday morning, its raining.

We have been lucky.  We have more mud than we know what to do with, about fetlock deep, and the only place the horses can go to get out of it is into the stalls.  Four horses, more on THAT later, and two stalls.  As long as food is not around, they get along well enough to share the stalls.

Around us, things haven't gone so well.  One of our main access streets is closed north and south of us.  They were working on getting it repaired but the rain today will probably be a big setback.  The ground is so saturated that as soon as it starts to rain it starts to run off.  All the flood control ponds are so full there is no place for the water to go but over the top of the dam.

Several families we know have to take a very long detour to to get to their horses to check on them.  They need to go check because their stalls turn into ponds that need to be pumped out.  Another family we know lost water to their barn when the rain washed out the water pipe serving the barn.

Boulder has major damage and Lions and Estes Park are still cut off as the major roads that connect them to the rest of the front range are closed.

We have mud, but no water has entered the basement and all the hay is dry.  We are truly thankful for that and we will say prayers for those who have suffered much worse through this storm.

By the way, Beamer is fine.  We caught the colic early enough that we got him treated early.  We called the vet, loaded him up and drove down the roughest road we could find on the way to the vet.  It helped.  By the time we got to the vet, Beamer was feeling much better.  By the time we left the vet, Kumi was feeling much better.

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