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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bad News about Ebony

Ebony was coming along fine as a Westerniars horse.  Her big problems was that she was a bit herd sour so taking her off the trailer was tough.  She was hard to lead because she kept trying to turn around and go back.  Riding her was better but once she stopped, she would start dancing and calling and be a general pain.  Once in the arena, she was perfect, best trained horse we have (Thanks to Carly Davis).

Ebony was also coming along as a trick horse and then one day (ominous fore shadowing and suspenseful music) we noticed a limp.   So off to the vet we go.  Dr. Dona took a look, poked, prodded and x-rayed.  She called us back to her office and showed us the x-ray - diagnoses, arthritis.  Dr. Dona said Ebony's career as a Westernaires horse was over.

We talked to a few people about Photonic therapy and chiropractic care.  We had nothing left to lose and we thought we might be able to get her through show season so we brought in a specialist and let her go to work.  And it worked!  For a while.  For a few weeks Ebony did fine, no limp and moving nicely.  We thought we were in the clear.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  The limp came back.  We quickly figured out that while she may be fine for light trail rides at a walk, she was no longer able to deal with t he demands of Westernaiers without  crippling the horse.  She is our pet so we would not do that to the animal.

So Ebony is retired.  With the price of hay, the smart thing to do would be to donate her to a rescue and let somebody else deal with her.  Problem is, since she hurts, she gets a bit grumpy when you go to put a saddle on her and will nip at you.  If you know what to expect, its easy to deal with.  Most people, especially people wanting to use a horse as a therapy horse, will accept that kind of behavior.  We were afraid that if we gave her away there was a chance she would end up on a truck heading north or south of the border.  We wont risk that.  So Ebony is now our pasture pet.  She has enough personality that we like having her around.  I love her.  She always comes over first thing in the morning and comes right up to me.  I would like to think that it is because she likes me but alas, I know horses well enough to know that what she really likes is the treat, a carrot usually, that I occasionally being out with me.

So Ebony is happy but now I am down a horse for the second daughter .  What to do, what to do...

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