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Friday, April 29, 2011

New Trailer

I might have mentioned that we have expanded from a two horse operation to a three horse operation. Part of that expansion requires that our two horse trailer be magically stretched into a three horse trailer. I tried one approach but that just bent the fender.

(Side Bar, Tangent, Butterfly chasing, whatever you want to call it: There is a piece of angle iron that the front of the fender attaches to that got bent in my little fender bender. I figured that I could straighten it by applying a little ingenuity. I took off the old fender and the tires and backed the tractor with the back-hoe attached up next to the trailer. With close to 1500 pounds of break-out force generated by the bucket cylinder, I figured that I could straighten it out a bit. Nope. Pushed the trailer and the truck around a some, but the angle iron didn't move. I next attempted to coax it back to straight by applying some energetic blows with a sledge hammer. Nope. That is on stout piece of angle iron! The trailer is in the shop now. They have more (pronounced "proper") tools than I do so here's hoping they have better luck that I did.)

I thought about hooking a big chain to the back of the trailer and hooking the other end to a phone pole and seeing if I could stretch it into a three horse trailer that way. With is tough as that trailer is and with my luck being what it is, I probably would have pulled the phone pole over so I decided not to risk it. To much paper work if (when) something goes wrong.

Instead, I stopped by a local trailer dealer on the way home from work yesterday and came across the three horse trailer you see here. It was a trade in from somebody who took very good care of it. I ended up purchasing the trailer before they had even started cleaning it up before it was even listed as being available. It was such a good deal that I just couldn't risk losing it.

One of the more interesting features is the floor. The lady who used to own it transported some rather expensive horses so she had extra padding installed in the floor. It should be much more comfortable for our horses. Once they figure out it wont eat them. I am betting that the first time each of our horses sets a hoof on that floor they will back out immediately, possibly energetically. *sigh* Trailer training is always such fun.

I'm happy. The trailer will carry our three horses plus all the tack. It has two tack rooms.

My bride is happy. The price was such that we have enough money left to put some sliding glass doors in the back of Project House to take advantage of the view.

Thing 2 (the younger child) is happy because now we can actually take all three horses to places and go riding together.

Thing 1 (the older child) is very bummed. Its not a four horse trailer.

Hey, that's a 75% approval rating. Obama would kill for a 75% approval rating so I guess I'm doing pretty good!

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