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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beamer gets a talking to

One of the best things about having horses in the back yard is looking out the window and watching them run around for no apparent reason or finding one of the girls doing something with the horses.  I looked out the back window one summer evening and I found this.

Kira is reading something from her journal to Beamer.  He does not look overly impressed.

I guess Kira figured B needed to examine if for himself so she offered him the book.  Didn't seem like something he could eat, but mildly interesting.

Apparently Kira got the response she was looking for because she danced away form B.  B seemed really interested in her dancing and kept a close eye on her. 

I will always wonder what was said during this conversation.  Did they discuss Beamer's attitude?  Did she tell him a story?  Did she share a dream?  A fear?  All I know is that as Kira danced away the smile on her face let her daddy know that, at least for a moment, all was well.

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