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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Summer begins with Inter-Club

Inter-Club was Boyfriend's first show as a Westernairs horse.  Kira was a the Apache rider for the show.  Each Westernaires show opens with a grand entry.  The grand entry team rides in with Colorado and American flags and and the leads the riders that will be in the show through a serpentine line.  There can be over 100 horses with their riders in the arena at the same time.  When they are all carrying flags, its quite a site.  For inter-Club there are no flags.  Once the serpentine line leaves the Grand Entry team presents the colors and we sing the National Anthem.  The team is dismisses and the last one out is the Apache Rider riding hippodrome and her two out riders.  Here is Kira in her exit.
Kira was a bit excited for the Grand Entry ride.  I think this smile says it all.
The grand entry show went very well and Inter-Club was off to a great start.  As with most horse shows, there always seems to be a fair amount of time spent waiting around until you ride.  At last it was Kira's turn to ride.  Her are a couple pictures of her ride.
This is one of our favorite pictures. 

Nice position and I want you to pay special attention to her right hand.  See how nicely that is in her lap?  That cost us $10.  Kira has a bad habit of  lifting her right hand while she rides.  It can be a tough habit to correct so, needing a quick fix, I bribed her.  I gave her $5  and told her that if she kept her hand one her pants through the entire ride, she could keep it.  Her mother matched the offer.  And she did it!  She looked pretty good. 

It looked so good that Kira got 5th place in her class.  Not a bad finish for a horse and rider who have only worked together for about four short weeks.  Well done Kira, we are very proud of you!

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