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Monday, February 4, 2013

Vacation in Europe

Happy Thanksgiving from the Front door of the Hapsburg Winter Castle.
We spent Thanksgiving in Europe.  Back in July I was watching the morning news and saw a commercial that invited us to come see the Christmas lights in Europe on a river Cruise down the Danube.  The price seemed okay but it didn't include airfare.  I figured what the heck, call the company and get the rest of the story. I just knew that it will be too much money once airfare was added in.  So I called and chatted with the travel agent, asked a few questions and ended up with round trip airfare from Denver to Germany for $400.00 per person plus and upgrade .  I couldn't say no to that.  So I asked the family if they wanted to spend Thanksgiving in Europe. 
Our Boat - The Viking Njord

Welcome to Passau.  Well this is the view across the river Ilk from Passau.
  Here are a few (very few) of some of the more than 600 pictures I took.  Kira took more.

Kumi and Kira In Passau.
The Monastery in Melk
Warming up in the Cafe in Salzbuerg
Climbing through the castle ruins at night in Durnstein
The Lipizzaner Stables in Vienna
Christmas Market in Budapest

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