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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas is Sunday

Between work, which has been unusually busy for the end of the year, and getting ready for Christmas, blogging just kind of takes a back seat. The back seat in a bus. The back seat in a very long bus. I am actually off work today but I am sitting in my office waiting for the UPS mans so one of my daughters has a little something to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Okay, the shirt. Kira hates this shirt. I am hoping Santa brings me a few more.Don't look to close. A tag is hanging out!

Here is my gift to the horses. Its a bit extravagant but I am reasonably sure they will appreciate it.Now we are learning how to feed off of a big round. Bit of a challenge actually, trying to figure out if you have got enough hay for a proper feeding. I am trying to feed them 10 pounds per feeding and feeding twice a day. So far, they are looking healthy.

I got myself a little Christmas present.I am not one for a lot of tooling on a saddle, but I saw this one an I loved it. It just works. I think its the barbwire. So cool!

This is what it replaced. A synthetic saddle from Pakistan. Stupid waste of money on my part.

They just do not wear well. No, If a picture is worth a thousand words them I have done a pretty good post. If not, well, I'll try to catch up a bit next week. Today, I am not feeling so hot (except to the touch) and I am ready to just crash for a while.

In the mean time - Have blessed and Merry Christmas! May God bless you and yours.


  1. That is one fine saddle. And a beautiful shirt. Hope you ar e feeling better by now. B

  2. Very nice saddle. and your shirt is very you! Hope you all have a Happy New Year. horses too! I think you need a horse dog now.

    Sister ;)