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Monday, November 21, 2011

Ranch Sorting - Prologue

Last Saturday I was doing a lesson with Carly. Well, technically, Mariah was doing a lesson with Carly and I was watching and learning. I have really got to work on my hands. I am not keep them down near her withers consistently. *SIGH* Still so much to learn.

Anyway, during the lesson Carly causally mentioned that she was taking her students to a ranch sorting and asked if I wanted to go. The conversation went something like this:

Carly: I am taking some of my students to a ranch sorting. Would and your girls like to go?

Me: Sure! Sounds like fun! Whats a ranch sorting?

Carly: There are two corals with a gate between them. They put ten cows in one. Two riders then enter the corals, one in stands in the gate and the other cuts a cow out and moves it to the other pen. The riders change places and the gate rider cuts the next cow while the first rider guards the gate. The object is to sort all 10 cows in order (The cows are numbered). The gate riders job is to keep all but the correct cow from going through the gate. And you have one minute to do it.

Me: Sounds like fun. (Thinking to myself: Self. The first time your horse met a cow it pivoted and bolted. What are you thinking?!) I'll ask the girls.

This is how we get ourselves into trouble. We decide we can do things we really have no business doing if we were completely honest with ourselves. Mariah does not reliably control her gate, her stopping is sketchy at best, my riding skills are, well, progressing. And the first time my horse met a cow she ran for it. Oh well, to late now!

So plans were made. Kumi and Kira were not interested in riding but did consent to come along and watch and take pictures.

So Sunday morning, we load up Mariah and head off to Keensburg, Co to determine the fate of a 50 year old man who still thinks he is only 20 something.

Kira took this picture from inside the sorting barn. I think its kind of a cool picture.

More to follow!!

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