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Monday, September 12, 2011

Westernaires Starts a New Tenderfoot Class

Kira joined Westernaires. Her induction was August 26th and September 10th was her first ride. Here she is on the rail.

I caught this picture as she was coming towards me.

And I caught this picture as she was coming through the corner.
Did you notice the horse she is riding. That's ebony. We had a small accident with a bottle of bleach and this is what happened to her black horse!

Actually, that is Jade, one of the 130 string horses Westernaires has for kids to ride. You will not find a better bunch of conditioned horses anywhere is the States. These horses work for their living and work hard. Some of the horses have really great attitudes and some have really poor attitudes. Case in point, Jade bit Kira when she went to tighten her cinch. It didn't break any skin but it left her a bit of a goose egg. No bruise yet but Kira was a both surprised and irritated. But once the horse was saddled, all went well.

Usually the kids only get to walk on the first ride but more of our kids had at least some horse experience so they got to at least trot. It was a good first ride and I am happy to report that Kira had a grand time! (Note to self, allow time for afternoon naps on Westernaires Saturday's. Up at 5:00 to feed horses and get to Westernaires by 6:30am makes for very tired and grumpy family members by 6:00pm.)

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