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Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday

Kumi celebrated a birthday yesterday. Beamer got all dressed up for her Westernaires to help celebrate. The picture is not the best because there was hay nearby. Happy Birthday to Kumi!!

Speaking of hay, the great free feed experiment is over. It failed. They were up to two bales a day. For three horses, that is a lot of hay. The neighbor came over and asked when Mariah was due she had gotten so fat. So we are back to tow feedings a day. I am contemplating some NibbleNet feeders. Actually, I am thinking about making my own to cover the feeder. I have an idea that might work really well. Trouble is, me sewing skills are not nearly good enough to match my grand designs.

What really ended it was the cost of hay. It has gotten expensive. I have it delivered because I do not have a trailer to haul my own. It cost me $8.00 bucks a bail. When you need 150 bails that adds up in a big hurry. Could be worse. I hear Texas is paying about $16.00 bucks for a bail. Part of California have been paying upwards of $20.00 bucks per bail. ANyway, two bails a day was both expensive and too much food.

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